High Voltage

Station Class Arrester

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2.7-390 kV Rated Voltage

Excellent Cantilever Strength

Proven Field Record

High Pressure Relief Capability

Excellent Protective Characteristics

High Durability

Excellent Temporary Overvoltage and Surge Duty Capabilities

Superior Contamination Performance

Designed and tested in accordance with IEC 99-4 & ANSI/IEEE C62.11

Arrester models suitable for energy withstanding capability of Class I to Class IV can be offered


ELPRO's MOGARD Surge Arresters have been providing excellent protective characteristics, Temporary overvoltage capability and switching-surge energy withstand to power systems for Over 30 years. It incorporates the latest development in metal-oxide technology. The Mogard arrester consists of a stack of Zinc Oxide Discs mounted in a sealed porcelain housing. Each disc is housed in such a way that it offers maximum heat transfer and protection against physical damage during shipment and installation. Since MOGARD Surge Arresters do not have series or shunt gaps,the reliability of the Arrester is enhanced; there is no sparkover protective characteristic, no gap reseal requirement, and no gap failure due to pollution induced coupling currents.
Additionally, the response time of the Arrester to overvoltage’s is extremely fast. At normal system voltage, the Arrester conducts less than one milliampere of current. When a surge reaches the Arrester, it instantaneously conducts only the current necessary to limit the overvoltage. As a result, MOGARD Arresters absorb minimum energy to protect equipment insulation.

MOGARD Surge Arresters comply with the design test requirements outlined in the ANSI / IEEE C62.11 and IEC 99-4 standards. They exceed the requirements for the duty-cycle test, high current short duration test and the low current long-duration test (transmission line discharge test) with no loss in protective capability. An improved and staggered skirt porcelain design also provides excellent contamination performance, which exceeds IEEE Standard contamination test requirements.

The MOGARD Arrester’s unique capabilities and characteristics, make it an ideal and preferred choice for installation in the more difficult applications such as low impedance circuits ( i.e capacitor banks, multiple lines and cable circuits) and highly polluted environments.