High Voltage

Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor - TVSS

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Ideal installations for this type of arrester are :

Exposed Secondary circuits

Watt hour meters

Service Entrances

Station Auxiliary Equipment and Circuits

Motor and Control Circuits

Distribution Transformer Secondaries

AC Rotating Machinery Protection


The ELPRO Secondary Surge Arrester is specifically designed to protect utility, agricultural and industrial installations and equipment in the 120-650 Volt range from over-voltages caused by lightning discharges. It is available in both single and three phase application.
The arrester complies with ANSI standard C62.11-1987. It is not a substitute for lightning rods, or other devices intended to protect people and property against a direct or nearby lightning stroke.

Dependable Protection
The secondary surge arresters utilize zinc-oxide valve elements. These ZnO elements retain their protective characteristics throughout their service life. With no series gaps, the Elpro arrester immediately conducts surges to ground limiting the voltage impressed on protected equipment to lower levels than previously available designs. Each single pole protective element consists of ZnO valve disk. One, two, or three of these disk assemblies are placed inside LEXAN housing. This provides self-contained units for Single-, double-, or three pole protection.

All-Weather Protection
The arrester is housed in watertight LEXAN housing that will not rust or corrode and resists impact damage. Line leads (black) and ground leads (white) are brought out through the housing cover, all leads are weather and oil resistant 18’’ insulated Flamenol wire (3-pole unit has 24’’ line leads).